The sale will be made in cash and conducted in Euros. In addition to the bidding, buyers will pay the following fees: up to €150,000, 30% including tax (sales costs and VAT included) and 25% (sales costs and VAT included) on the tranche above €150,000. This calculation applies per lot and per tranche. For batches coming from a country outside the European Union, the import VAT will have to be added, i.e. :

– For lots whose numbers are preceded by the sign *: an additional VAT of 6% of the auction price.
– For lots whose numbers are preceded by a ** sign: an additional VAT of 21% of the auction price.

Payment must be made immediately after the sale. This rule applies even if the buyer wishes to export the lot or if an export licence is required. The buyer may pay by bank transfer in euros, by credit card Visa or MasterCard as well as in cash in euros up to an amount of less than €3,000 including costs and taxes.

Purchasers who have acquired their lot(s) through an online sales platform will pay in addition :

– 1.5% exclusive of tax of the auction price if they have used the services of Drouot Digital (Live)
– 5% VAT excluded of the award price if they have used Invaluable’s services,

These sums are paid back to the platform offering the Live service.


The buyer’s fees are 30% including tax, including the costs of the online sales platforms.

They take place exclusively on an internet platform. Lots can be examined “physically” by any interested person by appointment only. Auctions are managed automatically by the computer system according to the general auction principles.

In the event of any dispute on the bids, the data recorded by the computer system will be deemed authentic and Antenor Auction will determine the winning Bidder on this sole basis. This decision is irrevocable and is binding on all, without any possible dispute.

Antenor Auction may cancel, postpone, extend or terminate an Online Sale without justification to the Sellers and Bidders, potential or existing.

Antenor Auction may reopen the Auction after an interruption, in particular if a problem has occurred on the Website which has prevented users from accessing it in an optimal manner, and this at the time and in the manner that it deems most appropriate.


The information contained in catalogues, advertisements, brochures or any other written material issued by Antenor Auction, must be considered as mere indications which do not engage its responsibility in any way. Antenor Auction does not guarantee the accuracy of any statement relating to the author, nor the origin, date, age, attribution, provenance, weight or material condition of the lot. No employee is authorised to give guarantees in this respect. Consequently, buyers must ensure themselves, before the sale, of the nature of the lots and their material condition. Detailed information on the condition of the lots described by the experts and the auction house is available to buyers upon request. The working order of the clocks and the condition of the mechanisms are not guaranteed.


Auctions follow the order of the catalogue numbers. ANTENOR AUCTION is free to determine the order of progression of the bids and the bidders are obliged to comply with it. The highest and last bidder will be the successful bidder. In the event of a double bid recognised as effective by ANTENOR AUCTION, the item will be put up for sale again, with all the amateurs present being able to compete in this second auction.


Any bidder who wishes to make a written, online or telephone bid must use the form provided for this purpose. This form must reach ANTENOR AUCTION no later than two days before the sale, together with the bidder’s bank and personal details. Only telephone auctions are a free service for customers who are unable to travel. Under no circumstances can Antenor Auction be held responsible for a problem with the internet and/or telephone connection.


As soon as the object is awarded, it will be under the full responsibility of the successful bidder. The buyer will be responsible for insuring his purchases, and ANTENOR AUCTION declines all responsibility for any damage that the item may incur, and this as soon as the purchase is pronounced. All formalities, in particular those concerning export, as well as transport remain the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

Sale in Brussels, Ancienne Nonciature :

The works will be available two days after the sale by appointment:

At IAT Solution

134-136, rue Saint Denis – 1190 Forest – Belgium
T. +32(0)495 65 00 05 or +32(0)465 86 12 49
Mail: infoart@itransart.com

Working hours: 10am-12pm and 2pm-5pm. They can be withdrawn between 2 and 10 working days after the sale without having to pay any additional fees. After this period, storage costs will have to be paid to IAT Solution in the amount of 10€ per day per customer and 20€ per day per customer for batches of more than 1m³. Method of payment: via credit card (Visa/MasterCard) or Bancontact. The collection of the acquired lot is done by appointment and on presentation of the slip paid by Antenor Auction. For all requests for delivery of your lots, anywhere in the world, do not hesitate to ask IAT Solution for a quote on +32 (0)495 65 00 05 or by e-mail infoart@itransart.com.


On the sale of certain works of a unique character, signed and numbered works and works produced in reasonable quantities, a resale right shall be due to the author or his heirs, provided that the author has not been dead for more than 70 years. This resale right is calculated on the sale price excluding tax, provided that it is at least €2,000. It amounts to : 4% from 2.000€ to 50.000€, 3% from 50.001€ to 200.000€, 1% from 200.001€ to 350.000€, 0,5% from 350.001€ to 500.000€ and 0,25% beyond, without the resale right being able to exceed 12.500€ per work of art and per resale. The resale right is payable by the buyer when it is due.

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